Our Story

In the winter of 2004, William Judge lost his mother, Vaughnie “Marie,” from obesity-related causes. It was this tragic event that spurred a change in William himself. During his own journey to better health and fitness, William realized that convenient food was almost never healthy, and healthy was almost never convenient. In 2012, he decided to create a healthy food delivery service that would bridge the gap between convenient and healthy. At the same time, he wanted to honor his mother. As a result, Marie’s Mantle was born.

In creating Marie’s Mantle, William and wife Naima Judge found it difficult to find delicious food that their family could afford to enjoy for a long time! Despite William being a successful sales engineer and Naima an accomplished finance executive, they saw no glamour in paying for overpriced meals, with no delivery option, that lacked flavor and options they could recognize and enjoy!

William & Naima want to meet you where you are today in your journey to leading a healthy life – one day at a time. Whether you want to spend more time with family, move up the corporate ladder, shed some pounds, or just mix things up in your life, Marie’s Mantle gives you the time and delicious food to make it happen.

Marie’s Mantle dedicated foodie team

William, Owner/Master Artisan

Owner/Master Artisan

Naima CEO / The One We Never Tell “No”

CEO/The One We Never Tell "No"

David Dough Master

Dough Master

Justin Fine Food Retrieval Specialist

Fine Food Retrieval Specialist

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission:

To be the preferred choice for individuals and families who want freshly-made, convenient, delicious and responsible food.

Our Core Values:

We commit ourselves to God and love those around us.
We love food and making it healthier and have fun doing it.
We go the second mile and provide a way and hope towards good health.
We have a passion for learning and teaching.